Tips for Selecting a Rug for Your Room

As an interior designer, I have noticed one thing that is common in most homes I visit: the rugs in a room are nearly always the wrong size!  So, here are few guidelines that could help you make your next selection.

Feizy Rug

Before you go shopping, measure.
For a rug to fill the majority of the room, take the dimensions of the floor and subtract one foot from each side to determine the best size. This allowance will usually provide for floor vents.

For a rug under a dining table, measure the size of the dining table and add a minimum of 48 inches to these dimensions.  For example, if the table is 36x72, the ideal rug size would be 84x120 or 7x10 ft. The theory behind this is that a space of about 2 feet is needed to pull out a chair from the table and keep it on the rug. So, adding 4 feet to the table size would provide the 2 feet on each side to accommodate the chairs.

For a rug under a sitting area, make sure that all pieces are arranged appropriately. Then, measure from the back of the primary pieces (such as a sofa or chair) to determine the width and length required. Ideally, the sofa and chairs should have all four legs on the sofa. If that is not possible, then make sure that at least the front legs of the sofa are resting on the rug.

A rug under a bed should have 2-3 feet on each side. The bed may sit completely on the rug or the rug may lay in front of the bedside tables and then 2-3 feet past the end of the bed.

Double-check for the best rug thickness.
Remember that rugs are manufactured in different thickness. A plush or very thick rug would not be appropriate for a dining room because the chairs would sink into the rug and make them difficult to move. Thick rugs under a dining table are considered crumb catchers and may be a hassle for cleaning and maintenance.

Also, consider doors that may swing into the room and cross the rug. Doors may need to be trimmed to allow for the rug thickness.

Feizy Rug

Consider the shape.
A round dining table works best with a round or square rug. A rectangular room should have a rectangular rug. The same goes for any furniture grouping -- just consider the overall "shape" of the furniture arrangement so the the rug shape corresponds to the space plan.

Preference of materials.
The are many type of rug materials, from wool, to nylon, polypropylene, etc. Do some research and make sure that the material is suited to the space. Consider pets, kids, food, wine, traffic patterns, etc. 

Feizy RugColors and patterns.
Now that you know the best size of rug, it is time to determine the best colors and patterns to use. Obtain a paint swatch or wallpaper swatch of the room to take with you. Gather up swatches of other fabrics that are used for chair cushions, arm sleeves or window treatments. Take photographs of the room to share with a design assistant at the showroom. Having all of these items with you will enable you to make the absolute best selection and know that your purchase will fit the space perfectly.

If you are still unsure about how to select a rug, just call us a Village Design Group.  Our team of design professionals will be happy to help.  The showroom also has many rug displays and catalogs to aid in your selection. 910-692-1000.

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